VUW BAS ·  2nd Year - Semester 3
Tutor: Mark Southcombe
Typology: Urban Design

This project explores the idea of the city as a neighbourhood and attempts to use modular design as a means to revitalise the central city of Christchurch. By creating a direct link from the east frame to Hagley Park, Cathedral Square is to become the centre for activity in the city where people will converge facilitating for Neighborhood in the city.

The adaptation of the Cathedral alludes to a Neo-Gothic design that has been reinterpreted in a modern idiom. This new modular structure will not only serve as the façade of what we propose to now become a public performance venue but will become an extension of the landscape and the square, adding an elegant structural system to support the existing cathedral and recreate the cathedrals spire lookout. Structures that shelter activities around the square are designed to create a formal conversation in between the building and its surrounding public area.

The library is designed to become an extension of the public space, creating a physical link between Cathedral Square and the Avon River. The form of the library physically brings the natural landscape up from the Avon River and up through a series of green terraces that inform new urban space on top of the library, which are angled to look out to the Avon and Cathedral Square.

On the East frame, the residential housing creates a neighbourhood in the city through a series of privately and publicly accessible courtyards within the east frame which are informed by modular built form. This encourages people from outside the east frame to interact with closer residents.

This allows for more social interaction between residential communities and the wider city, creating a connection between the green spaces book-ending the site, and the various programs in between.

Tyler Harlen 2019