Plug-in Poetry
Wellington park(ing) day 2017
In collaboration with Jason Tan,  Elise CautleyWill Hope, Seb Elsen, and SANNZ

The Wellington park(ing) day proposal put forward by a group of students supported by the Student Architecture Network New Zealand (SANNZ) in an attempt to promote engagement from the public with the urban environment of Wellington City. We propose Plug-in Poetry, a name taken from well renowned architecture firm ‘Archigram(s)’ Plug-in City. The temporary installation aims to provoke interaction and engagement amongst passers-by, challenging how we construct and use urban space.

“The fundamental characteristics of futuristic architecture will be expendability and transience. Our house will last less time than we do, every generation must make its own city”

- Archigram

Tyler Harlen 2019